the School Fun cover gallery – Part three Nos. 23 – 33

Welcome to the third and final installment of the School Fun cover gallery.  This post covers the final 11 issues (Nos. 23 to 33).  At the moment, I have two issues from this period.   If you can help me out in completing this gallery, please see my post from Friday

the issues are as follows…

No. 23 (17/3/1984)

No. 24 (24/3/1984)

No. 25 (31/3/1984)

No. 26 (7/4/1984)

No. 27 (14/4/1984)

No. 28 (21/4/1984)

No. 29 (28/4/1984)

No. 30 (5/5/1984)

No. 31 (12/5/1984)

No. 32 (19/5/1984)

No. 33 (26/5/1984) – the very last before it would merge into Buster

The back cover of No. 33 had a Walt Teaser strip

This concludes the School Fun cover gallery.  I’ll have more very soon.

the School Fun Gallery Part two – Nos. 12 – 22

Here is part two of my gallery of School Fun covers.  This section covers Nos. 12 to 22.  At the moment, I do not have any issues from this period.  If you can help me out in completing the gallery, see yesterday’s post for the details

No. 12 (31/12/1983)

No. 13 (7/1/1984)

No. 14 (14/1/1984)

No. 15 (21/1/1984)

No. 16 (28/1/1984)

No. 17 (3/2/1984)

No. 18 (10/2/1984)

No. 19 (17/2/1984)

No. 20 (24/2/1984)

No. 21 (2/3/1984)

No. 22 (9/3/1984)

the third and final part of the School Fun cover gallery will appear tomorrow morning at the same time.

the School Fun cover gallery Part 1 – Nos. 1-11

I recently decided to post a gallery of all the covers of IPC’s School Fun Magazine (15/10/1983 – 26/5/1984).

I currently have eight issues of School Fun, and I need your help in helping complete the gallery.  All you have to do is just send me scans of both the front cover and back cover (I’ll do the cut-and-paste job on the wraparound covers) and send the scans to me at comics at archive dot brucelaing dot id dot au.

Here is the first part, covering Nos. 1-11.  If the back cover has a strip on the back page, I will mention this on the relevant issue.  As usual, click on the images to see larger versions.

First off, we have No. 1 (15/10/1983)

on the back cover was the first School Belle story, which I have previously posted here.

No. 2 (22/10/1983)

No. 3 (29/10/1983)

No. 4 (5/11/1983)

No. 5 (12/11/1983)

No. 6 (19/11/1983)

the back cover had a disguise.

No. 7 (26/11/1983)

No. 8 (3/12/1983)

No. 9 (10/12/1983)

No. 10 (17/12/1983)

No. 11 (24/12/1983)

No. 10 (24/12/1983)No. 12 (31/12/1983)

This concludes part one.  Part two of the gallery will appear on Saturday, while part three will appear on Sunday.

an Update.

Just letting you know that my planned look at the merger of Buster and School Fun has been delayed until I can locate a few images.  Hopefully, it won’t take too long before I’ll be able to do this

In the meantime, I have something else planned.

I will be doing a gallery of all the covers of the short-lived comic School Fun.

I currently have a few issues, but I’ll need your help in completing the remaining covers.  More on that when I start my look.

the Gasworks Gang – their revival in School Fun

the Gasworks Gang - thw Cor!! years

Today, I have a double serve of those rascals of the Gasworks Gang, but not from their original run in Cor!!.  My look at the gang from their years in Cor!! can be found here and here.

When the comic finished in June 1974, the gang enjoyed a regular run in new stories in the Cor!! summer specials and annuals.

In 1984, the people at IPC (whoops, that should now be Time, Inc (U. K.) Ltd.) needed a new strip for their comic School Fun.   the gang were selected from their vaults

I’m not sure if this was all new stories, or a reworking of strips from Cor!!   I’m not even sure if the gang’s original artist Frank McDiarmid drew these.

Here are two strips from their run in School Fun  I don’t know when they first appeared in School Fun.  The first was from No. 24, while the second was from No. 33

Coming next week…

I will have an addendum to the post I made about comic mergers, and what seems to be IPC’s last merger announcement (and the second last the publisher would participate in their humour comics (that is, School Fun and Buster)

as well as that…

We have an encore appearance of Teacher and the kids of the Gasworks Gang, this time from School Fun

Wanted – the Christmas Cracker.

the only missing issue of Cracker., and the collection is completeNot the traditional Christmas cracker, but the Christmas issue of Cracker, No. 49 dated 20/12/1975 (the issue you see at right.  Image is from the Topper Universe website)

The above issue is the only issue I am still missing (as of 13/9/2014).  I am still on the look out for a better copy of No. 6, issue dated 22/2/1975..

If you can help me out, send me an eMail (which can be found on the Contact page of the website.

the Second Series of a look at Terry Bave part four – Double Trouble

Here is Thursday’s post in my week long look at Terry Bave, and today we have double trouble in the strip Double Trouble originally from Nipper, but by this time merged into Buster

Comic Title:  Double Trouble

Comic: Buster

First Appearance: 26/9/1987

Final appearance sometime after 1995.

Here is a strip from Buster, issue dated 3/12/1988.

here is some Double Trouble.

Back with our final look on Friday Morning.

British Comics from my collection